The Shaw Concept Electronic Organ

In October 1977, eleven years after the new Church officially opened, the original Hammond Church organ was replaced by a Shaw Concept Electronic Organ. The Shaw Organ, Opus 41, was designed and manufactured by a local firm operating out of Burlington called Shaw Organs Incorporated headed by Andrew Neil Shaw. The installation of this new electronic organ occurred while Rev. Phillip T. Sherratt was Pastor of Regina Mundi.

The Shaw Organ Opus 41 is an instrument that is still played at Regina Mundi Church even to this today. Its unique design seems to be right at home here. A new “modern electronic organ” for a “modern, post-Vatican II, Catholic Church.” The Shaw Organ’s unique patented design features 66 independent audio channels. The audio channels are disturbed so that it was highly improbable that any one audio channel would handle more than one note or pitch at any given moment of playing. The mixing of sound for this instrument was done largely in the air similar to the way that a pipe organ does for its characteristic sound. The Shaw organ has seventy speakers in total that are housed in the back southern corner of the Sanctuary. Back in 1977, the cost of a Shaw Concept Organ was typically two-thirds that of the cost of a comparable pipe organ while only occupying one eighth of the space.


*Featured photo is of the Sanctuary in 1974