Bambinelli Sunday

The beautiful Advent tradition of Bambinelli Sunday was instituted by Pope St. John Paul II during his papacy. For the past several decades after this tradition began, Popes have blessed the Baby Jesus figurines from family Nativity Scenes in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square on Gaudete Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent. Thousands of people come to St. Peter’s Square each year on that faithful day to have their Bambinelli, and themselves, blessed during the Pope’s Angelus Address.

The blessing of the Bambinelli (Italian for “little baby boys”) figurines is a tradition that Father Adam Voisin started at Regina Mundi in 2018. We are all encouraged to make the connection between the Nativity set at home and our Church where we worship at each weekend. As a community of faith, we are all invited to bring our own Baby Jesus figurines from home to Mass on Sunday, December 15, 2019 to be blessed. This way we too can celebrate our own Bambinelli Sunday.

After the blessing, you are encouraged to take your Bambinelli home, wrap them up and place them in a gift box. Save this precious gift for Christmas morning. Let this be the very first gift that you open on Christmas Day as a family. Once unwrapped, have the youngest member of the family place the Baby Jesus in the crib. And, as you lay Jesus in the Manger, allow this moment to be a reminder of the great blessings we receive at Christmas.