Canadian Food For Children

Lent provides us with a strong reminder that Christ wants us to care for the poor.

Canadian Food for Children is a Catholic Lay Charity, and a registered Charitable Organization, which was founded in 1985. Its purpose is to provide wholesome nourishment, hope and dignity for needy children all over the world, especially the poorest of the poor.

During the weekend of March 14 &15, 2020, the CWL at Regina Mundi Parish will be collecting various items for donation to the Canadian Food for Children Organization. No gift is considered to be too small. The CWL will be collecting toiletries, pasta, salt, rice, sugar and canned goods. Sorry, no clothing please.

During this Lenten Season, please consider helping a community of children who lack the basic necessities. For more information on Canadian Food for Children, please see the poster located by the exterior doors of the Narthex. Once again, you can donate any of the named items during the weekend of March 14/15th.

Thank you for your generosity!