The Reception of Blessed Palms


Palms will be blessed during the Palm Sunday Mass and made available to those who wish to receive one. Following the Mass, they will be placed in a large green container in the parking lot of the church. You may come any time on Sunday between 10:30am and 5:00pm to take a palm. The container will be secured to the railing near the entrance to the parish hall. Please adhere to all government guidelines regarding social distancing when doing so.

It is worth noting that receiving a palm is by no means obligatory. Here is a description of the meaning of blessed palms from a document titled The Directory on Popular Piety and Liturgy from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. This document has a bunch of great information on all sorts of different popular devotions in the Church. Check it out.

Palm Sunday 

Palms, olive branches and other fronds

139. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, or “Passion Sunday”, which unites the royal splendour of Christ with the proclamation of his Passion”.

The procession, commemorating Christ’s messianic entry into Jerusalem, is joyous and popular in character. The faithful usually keep palm or olive branches, or other greenery which have been blessed on Palm Sunday in their homes or in their work places.

The faithful, however, should be instructed as to the meaning of this celebration so that they might grasp its significance. They should be opportunely reminded that the important thing is participation at the procession and not only the obtaining of palm or olive branches. Palms or olive branches should not be kept as amulets, or for therapeutic or magical reasons to dispel evil spirits or to prevent the damage these cause in the fields or in the homes, all of which can assume a certain superstitious guise.

Palms and olive branches are kept in the home as a witness to faith in Jesus Christ, the messianic king, and in his Paschal Victory.