June Mass Intentions

Although public celebrations of the Mass are suspended, Fr Adam Voisin continues to celebrate mass privately with the following intentions for the month of June:

Tuesday June 2: Vincenza and Angelina Iorio
Wednesday June 3: Philip Gallant
Thursday June 4: Rita Fleishman
Friday June 5: Ed Rawlinson
Saturday June 6: Rosa Fiorino, Francesco Ciardullo, Mary & Peter Paci

Tuesday June 9: Castor Figueroa, Petra Pargele
Wednesday June 10: Patrick O’Shea
Thursday June 11: Kathryn Buryta
Friday June 12: Margaut Niccols
Saturday June 13: Manuel Medeiros, Maria Goana

Tuesday June 16: Ralph Caputo
Wednesday June 17: Jose Glinoga
Thursday June 18: Giuseppe Gennaccaro
Friday June 19: Abilio Texeira
Saturday June 20: Maria and Martin Paventi, Teresa and Domenico Portolesi

Tuesday June 23: Diego Cimino
Wednesday June 24: Justo B. de Dios
Thursday June 25: Norman Allen
Friday June 26: George MacDonald
Saturday June 27: Rosaria & Lilla Modica

Tuesday June 30: David Ironberg