Mass Time Sacristans

There are numerous details that must be attended to when preparing for any Liturgical Celebration at Regina Mundi Church. How we attend to those details is a reflection, an expression, of our joint concern for the quality of our Parish Celebrations. Mass Sacristans are a group of dedicated volunteers who play an integral part in preparing for all Sunday and weekday Liturgies. Their sacred and essential Parish Ministry is most often work performed behind the scenes, but very visible if not performed with diligence and accuracy.

Mass Time Sacristans often arrive at church before anyone else. They are sometimes responsible for the opening of the doors of the Church. Mass Time Sacristans are responsible for preparing for the celebration of the mass. This includes readying the wine, water and bread and putting them in place for the start of mass. They prepare the sacred vessels and books prior to each Mass. They ensure that all of the candles required for Mass are lit.

Following each Mass, the Sacristans ensure that all of the Chalices and Ciboria used during the celebration of the Mass are clean and ready for their next use.

On some occasions, Mass Time Sacristans may be responsible for changing the coloured altar scarves and ambo banners for the various liturgical seasons.

Mass Time Sacristans often assist the Presider of the Liturgy when needed. This is especially true when visiting priests serve at Regina Mundi.

Mass Time Sacristans assist altar servers by helping them perform their basic duties before and during mass.

To be a Mass Time Sacristan, you need to be a friendly and outgoing person with strong organizational skills. A strong knowledge of the Order of the Mass is required. For more information regarding this Ministry, please contact the Parish office at 905-385-3297.