Regina Mundi Parish Library

Parish Library – Library Weekend Schedule 2018

“It is great to have a Parish Library here at Regina Mundi Church.”

The Parish Library is a nice place to go to just browse and find material for prayer and meditation. It is even a good place to do research for school and personal projects. The books and videos are mostly geared to Catholic Church subjects and are generally unavailable in public libraries. Many books of different categories have been added over the years to augment the wide range of material presently available. So, visit us often to see what new materials we have available.

The role of our Library at Regina Mundi is to provide material to teach, challenge, expand horizons and deepen our Catholic Christian faith as we journey through life. This has always been the goal of the Parish Library. Our Library is a reflection of our faith community and has always been since our Church was built some nearly fifty years ago.

The library is open after each mass on the second and fourth weekend of each month. Any parishioner of Regina Mundi may borrow books and discs from the Library. It is necessary for all parishioners to fill out a patron card before their first loan. Loan periods are one month from the check out date.