Regina Mundi Church – Building Time Line

1966 – Church & Rectory Grand Opening

On June 12, 1966, the Church and Rectory were officially opened and blessed by Bishop Joseph F. Ryan, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Hamilton. The Pastor of Regina Mundi Parish at this time was Rev. Thomas Graham and his Associate was Rev. Thomas McCoy. The Rectory was built so that it had accommodation for three priests, a visiting priest and a Housekeeper. Three offices and a conference room were included within the Rectory for Parish work. The Church was purposefully constructed to reflect the Directives of Vatican II so that the Faithful could more fully participate in the Sacrifice of the Mass. The architect for the new Church and Rectory was Michael J. Torsney.

1977 – Shaw Organ Installed

The Church’s original Hammond organ is replaced by the Shaw Concept Electronic Organ in October 1977. This installation occurred while Rev. Phillip T. Sherratt is Pastor of Regina Mundi. The new Shaw Organ’s patented design features 66 independent audio channels. The channels are distributed so that it is highly improbable that anyone audio channel would handle more than one note or pitch at any given moment of playing. The mixing of sound for this instrument is done largely in the air similar to the way that a pipe organ does for its characteristic sound.

1980 – Meeting Room Addition

Rev. John Walsh became the Pastor of Regina Mundi in 1979. Seeing the need for more meeting space in his growing Parish community, Father Walsh engages the services of architect Michael J. Torsney to design an addition to be built onto the existing conference room. Construction of the meeting room addition begins in the summer of 1980 and work is completed by the end of November 1980. The construction costs of the meeting room addition were $54,209.80.

Early 1980s – Rectory Renovation

Father John Walsh is the Pastor during this minor renovation to the Rectory. A new Pastor’s suite is created by removing a wall between two bedrooms that share a common washroom. This renovation altered the Rectory so that it had accommodation for three priests and a Housekeeper.

Early 1980s – Boiler System Upgrade

The single boiler that heated both the Church and Rectory is replaced by two Rheem boilers to improve the efficiency of the existing heating system. Upgrades in the heating system’s plumbing were done to improve the distribution of the heat throughout the Church and Rectory. These changes in the heating system begin under Father John Walsh’s Pastorship and were essentially completed by the time Rev. Ron J. Morelli became Pastor of Regina Mundi in June 1983.

Circa 1983 – The Second Church Roof Installed

The Church’s original roof is replaced with a new roof using low slope asphalt shingles. A heat trace system is installed along the perimeter roof trough to improve the melting of snow and ice that tends to accumulate during the winter season. The Pastor during this maintenance project was Rev. Ron Morelli.

1986 – Church Renovations

In 1986, under Rev. Ron Morelli’s pastorship, plans and preparations for a major update of the finishes of the Church are begun. Klaas Design is hired to create the plans for this major renovation of the Church. The communion rail step of the Sanctuary is reduced in size allowing the addition of a few more rows of pews to be installed in the Nave. The Nave’s stacked bond concrete block walls are plastered and refinished. Oak paneling accents are added to the Sanctuary, Narthex and Reconciliation room. The Church nave’s floors are carpeted for the very first time. The Nave’s fifth pew section’s pews are reinstalled so that they face the Sanctuary better. The Main entrance’s porch is enclosed creating the outer Narthex. All of the Church entrances’ floors are tiled. The North pillar of the Church is replaced by two pillars to create a center aisle.

Late 1980’s – Rectory Renovations

To deal with the shortage of meeting and office space in the Rectory, Father Ron Morelli has the two floor Rectory renovated so that the Priest’s residential space occupies mostly the second floor of the Rectory. The Housekeeper’s suite and laundry room remain on the lower level. The kitchen is moved upstairs along with the dining room. The Rectory’s old kitchen is renovated to become the Main Parish office. The Rectory’s old dining room becomes a small conference room.

Early 1990’s – Rectory Renovations

By this time, Rev. Bob Bulbrook is Pastor of Regina Mundi Parish. A minor renovation to the Housekeeper’s suite is done to create an additional office on the lower level of the Rectory. A second minor renovation is done to one of the clergy suites on the second floor to create an additional office. A third minor renovation was done to isolate the clergy’s living space from the office space below. For the third renovation, a door was built at the bottom of the Rectory’s main entrance stair.

1999 – The Church’s Third Roof System

A complete redesign of the entire Church roofing system is done. Plans for this renovation began while Rev. Bob Bulbrook was Pastor, but, were not completed until Rev. Wallace Metcalf became Pastor. The engineering firm Peto MacCullum was responsible for the redesign of the roof systems. A “modified bitumen” roof is applied after significant upgrades to the roof deck were made. The biggest upgrade to the roof deck was to the roof’s insulation. Modified bitumen membranes replaced all of the asphalt shingle roofs, tar and gravel roofs and mopped on asphalt sheet roofs. For an accent, the high-sloped roof was covered with slate tiles. The Church central exhaust fan was significantly upgraded to improve the flow of air within the Church. The four skylights above the Sanctuary were replaced with new thermopane skylights.

2002 – The “Underpinning” of the East Corner of the Church

On June 17, 2002, Bishop Tonnos granted Regina Mundi Parish permission to proceed with the stabilization project that would halt the slow and gradual sinking of the foundations of the east corner of the Church. Rev. Wallace Metcalf is the Pastor of Regina Mundi at this time. The architect directing the stabilization project is Paul Bolland. Four engineering firms are used in consultation with the architect to devise a plan to install 14 helical piers to the east corner’s foundation to stabilize the structure. The work for this project was completed on July 19, 2002.

2004 – Second floor Renovation

On Monday, July 5, 2004, Pastor Rev. Wallace Metcalf moved out of the original Church Rectory to a Rectory located off-site. The purchase of this off-site Rectory, the relocation of the Clergy residence, allowed for the renovation of the second floor of the original Rectory to create more office and meeting space. The architect of this renovation was Paul Bolland. Renovation of the old Rectory’s second floor begun in the early fall of 2004 and was completed by year’s end.

2005 – Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Once the Parish’s main office is moved to the second floor, plans and the eventual construction of a permanent location for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel are done. Rev. Wallace Metcalf was the Pastor of Regina Mundi Parish at this time and the architect was Paul Bolland.

2012 to 2013 – Parish Hall and Parking Lot

By this time in the history of Regina Mundi Parish, Rev. Charlie Jordan is Pastor. During this major renovation project, the meeting room addition receives significant upgrades to improve the functionality of the space. New window systems are installed along the southeast wall of the Parish Hall. A small addition is built onto the old meeting room addition to create a new Parish Hall entrance, coat room and store room for tables and chairs. A Parish reheat kitchen is built. Washroom facilities are upgraded. Barrier free access is built into the overall design. A new church parking lot is built. The Parish Library is moved to the Church level. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel receives a new entrance. The architect of this project was Sam Esposto.